Spanish lessons with a live teacher…

Anytime, anywhere and at your own place.

Live Spanish Teacher provides live language lessons over the internet, taught by excellent native teachers. The classes are provided on an individual or group basis. Our mission is to give you quality Spanish instruction with great convenience.

You can have your Spanish lessons wherever you have access to your computer: at home, in your office or from a hotel. There is no need for you to travel to a school with the additional time and expense this would entail. If your plans change and you need to work from home on a particular day, there is no need to cancel your lesson.

Start learning or improving your Spanish within 24 hours.s

All it takes is three simple things:

  • Have a computer with internet access.
  • Have a few hours per week to dedicate to Spanish.
  • Sign Up.

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How do I learn?

We have 8 different levels of Spanish following The Common European Framework of Reference for Spanish and the ACTFL (American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Language) standards.

You will take a test to help us determinate your level of proficiency.

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Individual Programs

The Individual Program is scheduled at your convenience and during your class the teacher will cover the different aspects of the Spanish language needed to achieve your learning go als (i.e. Legal Spanish, Medical Spanish, Business Spanish, Conversational Spanish, Travel Spanish, etc.).

This class is 100% interactive… with our virtual classroom you will be able to communicate with your teacher in real time.

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Our Classes

Our Standard lessons are fifty minutes in length and are provided on an individual or group basis.

You interact live with your teacher online in a virtual classroom. You have the option of having your lesson recorded so you can replay the lesson as often as you would like on your own PC or laptop.

Your teacher can develop all of your language skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading. Our teachers have a vast experience and are highly qualified to teach their native language to foreigners.

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Group Program

The Group Program is one hour per day and during your class you will cover different components of the Spanish Language.

You will learn Conversation, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Reading, Writing and you will be able to practice it.

Our classes are 100% interactive… with our virtual classroom you will be able to communicate with your teacher and the other students in real time.

How much?

Group Program
  • 80 Hours $10.00 usd per hour

  • 20 Hours $20.00 usd per hour

    40 Hours $18.00 usd per hour

    60 Hours $16.00 usd per hour

    80 Hours $14.00 usd per hour

    100 Hours $12.00 usd per hour

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